Sunday School

Welcome to Sunday School! This section of the website is meant to look at what the Bible says about money.
The primary reason why I started this section is for my own spiritual health. My faith is important to me, and the Bible makes it clear that the “love of money” is a dangerous thing. While my Median Millionaire philosophy doesn’t involve a love of money, the nature of a personal finance website makes it something I want to regularly remind myself to avoid.

A secondary reason is to attempt to present a Biblical view of money. I hope this will be beneficial to all people regardless of faith. However, I would expect Christians might find more value in Sunday School posts than people who don’t value the Bible.

*Disclaimer 1 – Some content could be controversial.
**Disclaimer 2 – Content in this section may not always make “financial sense”. For example, giving money away won’t grow your wealth but is Biblical.